“The sign of a great state or a great city is the strength of its cultural life,” said J. Clayton Hering, president of Northwest Business for Culture and the Arts. “Our non-profit arts groups are a powerful economic force, and act as a magnet for tourism. Even more important, they help educate and inspire our citizens and stimulate creativity in the workplace and in our schools.”

As a Councilmember, I cosponsored the Human Family Forest Mural. It was an excellent partnership with the City of Clarkston, corporations, non-profits, and individuals. More than 200 residents had the opportunity to paint and to express their creativity.

As mayor, I plan to establish to establish a Public Arts Commission. The board would promote a diverse and cultural environment for Clarkston. Members would develop a Public Arts Master Plan, create programs that bring art in Clarkston, and increase opportunities for the public to experience and participate in the arts.