More and more scientific evidence shows how urban trees and greenspace positively impact physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being in hu­mans (USDA Forest Service 2018). Urban forest systems (trees, soil, and groundcover) help manage stormwater runoff by reducing stormwater volume, slowing rainfall intensity, delaying runoff, improving infiltration into soil, and increasing water stor­age capacity in soils (USDA Forest Service 2020). As stewards of our beautiful planet, we must leave this world in a better condition for future generations. Both the Clarkston government and its residents need to work together to protect our trees and other natural resources.

As Mayor, we will:

  • Strengthen our City’s tree ordinances and codes that preserve existing trees and create policy addressing development and construction projects.
  • Develop strategies to improve our City’s urban tree canopy.
  • Develop designs to incorporate stormwater management practices in Clarkston.