As a result of COVID-19, it has devastated businesses’ operations, causing many of them to close, and their employees are forced out of work. In Clarkston, many of our stores and restaurants have reopened, but they need support and financial assistance to make up for the months they were shut down.

As a Community Advocate, I have worked with the City and businesses to provide them access to resources and information, so restaurants and other companies can think beyond brick and mortar and leverage technology to increase growth. This June, I worked with Planning and Economic Director to host a free Virtual Forum – COVID-19 Reopening Your Business with the City of Clarkston, Decide DeKalb, DeKalb County, and Georgia Piedmont Technical College. This webinar answered these questions and addressed the issues business owners face as they reopen, including access to information and resources such as loans and free training to help empower your small businesses during the COVID-19. 


Together, we will:

  • Continue to support our businesses and “Buy Local”
  • Foster relationships with organizations, government agencies, colleges, and universities to provide our companies with funding and resources.